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Summer Shows- June 17-30

Summer Show Select Date

07:00PM (from $9.00)

The Great Maine Lumberjack Show

Celebrating our 23rd Season! 


In each show you will see “The Olympics of the Forest” and you will enjoy events like:


* Underhand Chopping    * Cross Cut Sawing    * Axe Throwing

* ‘HOT’ Chain Sawing    * Log Rolling  * Speed Climbing *

12 events in all… in a fast paced, REALLY FUN * LIVE *SHOW!


The Show is 1 & 1/4 hour of non-stop fun & affordable for all ages

And all shows are RAIN or SHINE… there is covered seating

Call about scheduling one of our Family Lumberjack Lessons

Thank you for choosing The Great Maine Lumberjack Show!!