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Brews Cruise


Water is the major component of beer. You and your friends can float along and talk about the finer points of the water, and the hops, and the barley and the rest of the Craft Beer you are enjoying on this series of Tap Take Overs aboard Cape May Whale Watcher. Pretzel Necklaces and Brats are a must in addition to fine Craft Beer.

September 29, 2017 Cape May Brewery with 5 Brews on Tap

Date Selected: 06/29/2018 06:30PM


Price: US$ 39.00

Without Tasting

Price: US$ 30.00

Youth (7-12)

Price: US$ 25.00

Child (6 and under)

Price: US$ 0.00

Binocular Rental

Price: US$ 5.00

8 Slice Pizza and 4 Sodas $29 Value

Price: US$ 25.00